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SRTS-Related Materials

Organizations both within and outside of Pennsylvania have created various resource materials relevant to Safe Routes to School or issues involving walking, bicycling, and infrastructure. Many of these resources may prove helpful for use or reference when developing or implementing activities and projects related to Safe Routes to School.

SRTS Resources

Safe Routes to School Toolkit – The Federal Highway Administration has developed this document to help communities initiate and implement a Safe Routes to School program.

The Walking School Bus: Combining Safety, Fun and Walk to School – This guide, created by the National Center for SRTS, outlines the benefits of starting a walking school bus as well as points to consider before launching it. Two general ways to conduct a walking school bus are described: 1) starting simple with a small group of friends or neighbors, or 2) creating a more structured program to reach more children.

  • Download pdfInvolving Students with Disabilities

    This resource from the National Center for Safe Routes to School provides information to help SRTS organizers include and accommodate children with disabilities. The guidebook discusses practical strategies for involving children with disabilities in SRTS and provides examples of schools that have done so effectively.

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Bicycling Resources

Cycling Skills Clinic – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a resource to help schools and municipalities conduct a cycling skills clinic, sometimes called a bicycle rodeo.

  • Download pdfSteps to Properly Fit a Helmet

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides easy steps for properly fitting a bicycle helmet.

    324.09 K | 1/29/2014
  • Download pdfBicycle Parking Guidelines

    This document from the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals provides guidelines for selecting and placing bicycle racks for short-term parking.

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Walking Resources

  • Download Office Open XML DocumentWalkability Checklist

    This checklist available from PennDOT provides a brief scorecard for rating how walkable a community is.

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Infrastructure Resources

Guide for the Planning, Design, and Operation of Pedestrian Facilities – This manual for sale by the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials provides a detailed description of the different types of treatments available, including advantages and disadvantages for each.

Traffic Calming: State of the Practice Manual – The Institute of Transportation Engineers developed this report, which contains a synthesis of traffic-calming experiences of a variety of communities in the United States and Canada. It includes information on traffic calming in residential areas and in areas where high-speed rural highways transition into rural communities.

  • Download pdfActive School Neighborhood Checklist

    This document from the Arizona Department of Transportation provides a quantitative tool for community decision makers to use to evaluate potential school sites for whether their location encourages or prevents people from walking and bicycling safely to school.

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  • Download pdfTraffic Calming Handbook

    PennDOT has developed a guidebook to provide information about traffic calming and how such practices can be used to make streets safer for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

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